Salient Features

  • Made By Austenic Stainless Steel
  • Multilayer Chromium Plating Passes NSST test
  • Rust Proof Hence Long Life
  • Can Be Fitted With Quardo/Telescopic Side
  • Easy Fit For Carpenters

Multipurpose Basket

Evaluation & new design of modern kitchen change the shape & size of house hold utensils,giving birth to multi-functional drawer baskets with different functions and demand of narrow dishes, medium sized plates & containers, multifunctional drawer baskets make use of every inch so as to increase convenience of staring & getting utensils & containers etc.These baskets are more noble, stylish, splendid and convenient. A highly functional and user friendly grain trolley designed especially for bulk strogages like large containers , pulses, oil, sugar, graines etc.The base of the unit can be easily removed from the trolley for cleaning it.The trolley is mounted on double sealed ball bearing moulded in nylon for long lasting operation. This trolley is made of finest raw material in the market to ensure a durable product.

Quadro Basket

All multipurpose baskets are hettich quadro channel compactible using our special fitting kit.

Pole Cabinet

All multipurpose baskets are hettich quadro channel compactible using our special fitting kit.

Salient Features

  • Rust And Borrer Free
  • Flexible Sizes of Cabinet Can be Made
  • Brash Tapped bushes assure the firm fitment
  • Height adjustment upto 100mm
  • No bad order due to better vantilation
  • Easily foldable & can be reassebled easily
  • Heighly cost effective
  • Stainless Steel for life


These vertical units provide greal storage possibilities.Storing individual category items,divided by its use,make it the ingredient of a personal kitchen. Various products like utensils,jars,grocery boffles etc. of different sizes can be arranged in these pullout systems.

Corner Units

To help you better utilize the most underrated space in your kitchen, i.e. the corners, Galaxy Sunshine provides you with the best-in-class corner units. With a wide variety available, choose the best match for your kitchen.

Pole System

This multi-functional pole system can be mounted in many different way. whether it's the breakfast or coffee table, whether wine table or relaxed cooking.Its attractive design, practically and wonderfully presents best impression & makes life more delightful.

Tall Stroage System

These units gives an entire range of storage options to make the maximum utilization of your vertical kitchen space.Stainless Steel Frame is specially designed for longer life fitted with smooth & extra heavy duty bottom runners.

Sink Solutions

Above the sink & below the sink area is better known in the kitchen as Wet Area.There are lot of essential products that require their proper space & need to be organised properly.

Railing Systems

these specially designed articles can be fitted above the shelf to create space for various frequently needed things , giving your kitchen a trendy new look.These product provide you pleasure of working in your kitchen.

Miscellaneous Utilities

Galaxy Sunshine’s miscellaneous kitchen utilities contain all the items that take your kitchen’s aesthetic appearance up by a notch. From wine glass holders to multipurpose racks, each of our product is designed with a specific function in mind.

Wardrobe Utilities

Galaxy offers you ultra modern variable wardrobe accessories. These unique utility accessories not only make your wardrobe convenient but also provide beauty which is always liked by everyone . All wardrobe essentials can be arranged in a proper way in these rocks giving your wardrobe a new & marvelous look.